Our plumbing services

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Ikon - Vanndråpe


We perform installation, maintenance and repairs on all sanitary equipment and facilities, such as drainage systems, septic tanks and purification facilities, and are always up to date on the current security procedures to make sure that the work is performed in a safe, secure and environmentally friendly way. 

Ikon - Rør

HVAC equipment and products

We install all types of HVAC equipment and use only the best HVAC products on the market. Our experienced plumbers have years of experience with HVAC installation and can guarantee that the work will be done correctly. 

Ikon - Vind

Heating and cooling systems

Are you looking for a heating system that is both environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost too much? Noir Rørleggerservice delivers, installs, and perform maintenance on heat pumps, ventilation facilities as well as heating and cooling systems, and give you advice and guidance about which solution is best for your needs.

Ikon - Verktøy

Repairs and maintenance

Experiencing water damage in the bathroom? Or are your pipes blocked? We can help you out. Noir Rørleggerservice perform repairs and maintenance on all HVAC systems and will come to your aid immediately should you need help from one of our plumbers. Call our emergency number +47 450 04 518 when you need help.